DWL500+DWL650 problem

From: Donald Sherker (dfunk_at_tampabay.rr.com)
Date: 2002-03-07 01:52:16 UTC

I am getting the following error when trying to use the DWL 500 + DWL 650. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Have been banging my head against the wall for days over this.

[root_at_Wolverine net]# modprobe prism2
/lib/modules/2.4.8-26mdk/pcmcia/prism2.o: init_module: Operation not permitted
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters
/lib/modules/2.4.8-26mdk/pcmcia/prism2.o: insmod
/lib/modules/2.4.8-26mdk/pcmcia/prism2.o failed
/lib/modules/2.4.8-26mdk/pcmcia/prism2.o: insmod prism2 failed
[root_at_Wolverine net]#

much appreciation,

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