Re: Turning up the power? (experimental patch)

From: Dave Edwards (
Date: 2002-03-06 08:15:33 UTC

Hi Folks,

I have done quite a bit of work with the Prism II chipset in the past. You should be very careful of changing the setting of CR31 too much. Generally, the maximum power that you will get out of the card will be around +12dBm. CR31 will allow you to decrease this maximum power output, but, when you reach the point where decreasing CR31 should give you more power it will just increase the power spectrum instead.

Increasing the power spectrum does a number of nasty things to your radio:

  1. Generates adjacent channel interference and stops radios on other channels working
  2. Distorts your own signal. Thus, reducing your range.
  3. Makes the device illegal to use. Putting you at the risk of confiscation if anyone objects to the radio being used.


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