Re: WDS ping

From: Michael Codanti (
Date: 2002-03-03 17:32:37 UTC

> I have confirmed that there are problems with sending 4-address frames
> in Host AP mode (i.e., data frames with both FromDS and ToDS and four
> address fields). I tested station firmware versions 0.7.6 and 0.8.0, but
> apparently this problem is also present in newer 0.8 versions.

Has anyone tested firmware 1.03.04 with the HostAP mode driver and/or WDS yet? I have been using 0.8.3 up to this point.

I just updated one of my RangeLanDS cards with Zcomax's 1.03.04 firmware so it would work properly with Windows XP, but this card won't work in my Linux box, and I'm not sure I am willing to risk making my Zcomax card incompatible with the HostAP mode driver.

So has anyone used this updated firmware yet?


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