Re: WDS ping

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-03-02 02:29:35 UTC

Jerritt Collord writes:
> Well it's been a while since anyone mentioned this, so I'll
> venture out cautiously... what's up with WDS implementations for
> HostAP?
> OpenAP came out and there looked to be interest and work towards
> implementing their system, but concerns arose that it broke
> 802.11 spec.

I don't know of any chipset that implements true 802.11 WDS.

> Jim Thompson questioned the Prism2 firmware support for WDS...
> zero threadage on that.

I only quoted Intersil's words. I find it entirely possible that, unless ISIL has paying customers that use the hostap mode, and *can't* use the terniary firmware approach, they'll eliminate hostap mode in

Mark Matthews (Absolute Value) has made recent statements that they didn't go the 'hostap' route because he tought they were going to take it out. Since Brian Matthews (Mark's bro, and the 'business' end of AVS) used to work at ISIL *on* the Prism chipset (in marketing, I think), one might assume that they had a bit of 'inside knowlege'.

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