STAs in promiscious mode

From: Martin Whitlock (
Date: 2002-02-28 16:27:27 UTC


I want to connect my wlan0 interface to a bridge, not in master mode but in managed mode. I add the interface by an ordinary 'brctl addif bridge wlan0', and the WLAN card enters promiscious mode. By using the 'showmacs' command in brctl I can see the MAC addresses of the devices on the other side of the AP, but I have experienced problems with connecting devices on the other side of my bridge. I wonder if this is due to problems with WLAN ACKs when the client card is set in promiscious mode? I understand that there might occur some problems with that since the MAC address of a device connected to the other side of the bridge doesn't correspond to the MAC address of the WLAN card that I have set in promiscious mode.

This is a _very_ simple schematics of my configuration:

WLAN AP ----------- WLAN Client (prism2 driver) <--bridge--> Ethernet if

Any help is very appreciated!


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