Re: hfa384x_cmd timeout problems with USR 2410

From: Eric Enockson (
Date: 2002-01-27 16:47:09 UTC

On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 01:32:38PM -0800, Scott Wiles wrote:
> Solved.
> It was a problem with the PCIC_OPTS in the overall
> PCCard bridge setup.

        hunh? Could this be dependent on what type of PCCard bridge your are using? I have a pci->pcmcia card thingy and just compiled the linux kernel with the

<*> PCMCIA/CardBus support                                       x x   
      [*]   CardBus support                                            x x   
      [*]   i82092 compatible bridge support                           x x   
      [*]   i82365 compatible bridge support                           x x   
      [*]   Databook TCIC host bridge support    

	Not even sure which chip i82092 or i82365 is on the board but
it all just worked.

> The Ricoh chipset has an option
> to only use PCI IRQ's, once that was enabled, the USR
> card works fine.

        How did you enable that option?  

> Sorry for any wasted bandwidth.

        No way. I am wondering if i am missing something and will run into a problem later without even understanding where i would fix it. I have an smc 2632w in pci adapter runnin prism2(hostap) in master mode without problems.  

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