Re: ISA Adaptor and DLINK 650

From: Michael Codanti (Michael_at_CIVIS.Com)
Date: 2002-01-19 18:00:05 UTC

> > I think your problem is that the DWL-650 will only work in a cardbus
> > slot (says it right on the box) and that most ISA adapters are 16-bit
> The box lies. The DWL-650 _is_ _not_ cardbus.

It doesn't say it is a CardBus card, it says it requires a CardBus slot. There is a difference... What they should have said is that it requires a 3.3volt PCMCIA slot. Most older notebooks/etc only support 5volt so the card won't work.

CardBus requires 3.3volt support, so they are safe by saying "requires a cardbus slot"


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