Re: this just in

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-01-18 07:26:58 UTC

Jerritt Collord writes:
> Cute!
> Anyone a bit weirded out with the "Disclaimer"/not-license that one
> supposedly agrees to (but in a not clickthrough way) for code use? Looks
> like a standard commercial beta testing license... which is an odd thing
> to apply to a tarball of GPL source.

Do you mean:

(I just noticed it)

> But a cool thing.
> Also, don't think this has come up on the list... they do a workaround for
> a prism2 problem... somewhere in their openap-linux-2.4.17.patch:
> /* Under extreme load the prism driver appears to spend too long in
> * interrupts and timer bottom halfs don't get run soon enough to
> * prevent the hardware watchdog from rebooting us. This is a hack to
> * ack the watchdog on every time tick. Eventually we want to fix the
> * prism driver so this isn't necessary. */

I think this is to prevent their (hw) watchdog from going off while the kernel is stuck in the lower-half.

If they didn't have a watchdog going off periodicly, they probably wouldn't notice.

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