Using this driver in PLX mode?

From: Amit Green (
Date: 2002-01-03 16:21:47 UTC


Has anyone modified this driver to work with a PCI card with a PLX9502 interface (this is an interface that kind of bridges the PCMCIA card to the PCI interface, but is then neither a standard PCI interface nor a standard PCMCIA interface. Other PCMCIA to PCI interfaces are more complicated and make the PCMCIA card look like a PCI card).

Looking through the wlan-ng support, the #ifdefs to do PCI/PLX/PCMCIA mode do not look that extensive; so it would seem to be a day or two worth of work to adapt this driver to also work in PLX mode.

Has anyone made these modifications, or do I need to them myself if I want it to work with a PLX card (specifically I have a SMC2602W card which is a SMC2632W PCMCIA plugged into a PCI card that uses the PLX9502 chip)?


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