HostAP <> bridge?

Date: 2001-12-28 18:30:58 UTC

Please forgive my ignorance as I am new to this list, and have been unable to find archives or a FAQ... (and I have scoured the 'net).

Is it possible to get a Linux AP to talk to a 802.11 access-point device running in 'bridge mode' or 'access point client' mode?

I have been trying to get a Linksys WAP11 (Atmel 76c510 based - 1.4g7 firmware; same as SMC, NetGear, others) to talk to a Linux AP (both prism2_hostAP and linux-wlan-0.1.8pre13-AP).

I basically want to be able to connect several small ethernet workgroups using WAP11's in 'bridge' or 'access point client' mode to a Linux AP. I've got STA clients talking directly to the Linux AP no problem, so if this is possible, I must be missing something.

Many thanks!


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