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From: Tony Toole (
Date: 2001-12-18 00:00:11 UTC

The Lucents differ from regular Prism-II cards in that it uses the Hermes MAC controller chip compared to the hfa384x of the prism-II. The Lucents also use a custom firmware, which probably doesn't contain HostAP support.

Tony Toole
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> On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Michael Codanti wrote:
> > Isn't the Dell card a rebranded Lucent card? (It should say on the
> >
> > If so, it won't work with the HostAP mode driver at this time as it
> > currently only supports PrismII based cards like the D-Link DWL-650,
> > LinkSys, Zcomax, etc.
> Yes Its manufactured by Lucent but from all the information I can find it
> is based on the Intersil Prism 2 chipset. The orinoco driver picks it up
> as an Intersil Prism 2 11Mbps Wireless Adapter.
> Nick.

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