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* tests: Use python3 compatible print statementMasashi Honma2019-01-261-70/+70
* tests: Use python3 compatible "except" statementMasashi Honma2019-01-261-14/+14
* NFC: Workaround nfcpy message debug exceptionJouni Malinen2014-02-131-0/+17
* NFC: Add summary and success file options for nfcpy scriptsJouni Malinen2014-02-121-25/+67
* P2P NFC: Add p2p-nfc.py --handover-only optionJouni Malinen2014-02-121-0/+7
* P2P NFC: Clean up p2p-nfc.py error handlingJouni Malinen2014-02-111-5/+12
* P2P NFC: Add script for connection handover with nfcpyJouni Malinen2014-01-271-0/+581