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* Fix couple of compiler warnings about uninitialized variablesJouni Malinen2011-01-261-1/+3
* wlantest: Track station PS stateJouni Malinen2011-01-071-25/+110
* wlantest: Skip frames inserted by wlantest when reading pcap fileJouni Malinen2011-01-051-0/+4
* wlantest: Count number of STA ACK'ed Deauth/Disassoc framesJouni Malinen2011-01-031-0/+25
* wlantest: Add support for reading DLT_IEEE802_11 pcap filesJouni Malinen2010-12-041-0/+7
* wlantest: Add support for reading pcap files with prism headerJouni Malinen2010-12-021-0/+38
* wlantest: Implement IEEE 802.11 duplicate detectionJouni Malinen2010-11-231-1/+88
* wlantest: Move Mgmt and Data frame processing into their own filesJouni Malinen2010-11-071-525/+0
* wlantest: Move bss_update() into bss.cJouni Malinen2010-11-071-53/+0
* wlantest: Maintain STA state based on auth/assoc/deauth/disassocJouni Malinen2010-11-071-3/+278
* wlantest: Create station list for each BSSJouni Malinen2010-11-071-0/+35
* wlantest: Maintain table of BSS informationJouni Malinen2010-11-071-0/+118
* wlantest: Add preliminary version of IEEE 802.11 protocol testing toolJouni Malinen2010-11-071-0/+289