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* Declare all read only data structures as constMikael Kanstrup2015-04-251-3/+3
* Extend GCMP test vectors to include both MPDUsJouni Malinen2013-11-171-2/+0
* wlantest: Add GCMP-256 test vectorJouni Malinen2012-09-091-5/+6
* Add support for using 192-bit and 256-bit keys with AES-GCMJouni Malinen2012-09-091-4/+4
* Support arbitrary IV length with AES-GCMJouni Malinen2012-09-081-4/+4
* Move AES-GCM implementation into src/cryptoJouni Malinen2012-09-081-282/+3
* wlantest: Allow GHASH update calls to avoid extra allocationJouni Malinen2012-09-081-70/+39
* wlantest: Remove CCMP specific AAD handling from GCMPJouni Malinen2012-09-081-10/+8
* wlantest: Move GCM-AE and GCM-AD into separate functionsJouni Malinen2012-09-081-160/+185
* wlantest: Add GCMP implementation and test vectors from P802.11ad/D9.0Jouni Malinen2012-09-081-0/+448