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* tests: Move SHA1 test cases into hwsim frameworkJouni Malinen2015-01-051-420/+0
* tests: Add CAVP test vectors for byte-oriented SHA-1 and SHA-256Jouni Malinen2014-05-181-0/+99
* tests: Fix couple of compiler warningsJouni Malinen2014-05-101-3/+3
* Use ARRAY_SIZE() macroJouni Malinen2013-10-261-4/+2
* Remove the GPL notification from files contributed by Jouni MalinenJouni Malinen2012-02-111-8/+2
* Rename tls_prf() to tls_prf_sha1_md5()Jouni Malinen2011-11-271-2/+3
* test-sha1: Add test vectors from RFC 6070Jouni Malinen2011-01-101-0/+100
* Resolve compiler warnings in the test programsJouni Malinen2009-12-051-3/+3
* Move more tests from wpa_supplicant/tests into testsJouni Malinen2009-12-051-0/+347