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* tests: remote: Allow to run module testsJanusz Dziedzic2020-03-081-3/+24
* tests: remove: Fix a typo in a commentJouni Malinen2020-02-231-1/+1
* tests: remote: Handle different ifconfig output formatsJanusz Dziedzic2020-02-231-1/+5
* tests: remote: Allow hwsim test cases with more than two argumentsJanusz Dziedzic2020-02-232-3/+5
* tests: remote: Show dev/apdev for hwsimJanusz Dziedzic2020-02-231-2/+8
* tests: remote: Kill correct hostapd/wpa_supplicant processJanusz Dziedzic2020-02-233-6/+12
* tests: remote: Switch to python3Janusz Dziedzic2020-02-231-1/+1
* tests: Fix a typo in raising an exceptionJouni Malinen2020-02-151-1/+1
* tests: Python coding style cleanup (pylint3 bad-whitespace)Jouni Malinen2019-03-165-41/+41
* tests: Use python3 compatible function attributeMasashi Honma2019-01-262-3/+3
* tests: Use python3 compatible dict operationMasashi Honma2019-01-261-2/+2
* tests: Use python3 compatible print statementMasashi Honma2019-01-262-25/+25
* tests: Use python3 compatible "except" statementMasashi Honma2019-01-261-6/+6
* tests: Add general filter for remote tests executionJonathan Afek2016-06-271-0/+4
* tests/remote: Fix a typo in a commentJouni Malinen2016-05-281-1/+1
* tests/remote: Fix execution of setup_hwJonathan Afek2016-05-283-39/+32
* tests: Add support for wlantest for remote hwsim testsJonathan Afek2016-05-282-0/+18
* tests/remote: Fix usage of a non existing variableJonathan Afek2016-05-281-0/+1
* tests/remote: Fix style and typosJonathan Afek2016-05-283-4/+5
* tests/remote: Extend get_monitor_params() to support P2P interfacesJonathan Afek2016-05-281-7/+11
* tests/remote: Use a function to add a log file to a remote hostJonathan Afek2016-05-283-7/+7
* tests/remote: Add hwsim wrapperJanusz Dziedzic2016-05-143-5/+190
* tests/remote: Add test_example.pyJanusz Dziedzic2016-05-141-0/+141
* tests/remote: Add utils fileJanusz Dziedzic2016-05-143-7/+550
* tests/remote: Add monitor.pyJanusz Dziedzic2016-05-142-0/+179
* tests: Add remote directory to testsJanusz Dziedzic2016-05-143-0/+512