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* FST: Remove a bogus WPA_ASSERT()Jouni Malinen2017-01-291-2/+0
* FST: Fix search for peer's "other" connectionDedy Lansky2016-09-081-26/+7
* FST: Make fst_action_names staticJouni Malinen2016-06-231-1/+1
* FST: Fix byte order of couple of fields on big endian hostsJouni Malinen2016-06-231-5/+5
* FST: Enlarge State Transition Timeout (STT)Dedy Lansky2016-03-031-1/+2
* FST: Get rid of gcc extensions in structure/array initializationJouni Malinen2016-01-151-1/+3
* FST: Fix handling of Rx FST Setup Request when session already existsDedy Lansky2015-12-291-15/+19
* FST: Make FST peer connection check more permissive in hostapdAnton Nayshtut2015-11-251-3/+6
* FST: Use more robust interface-find for TEST_REQUESTJouni Malinen2015-07-261-7/+5
* FST: Validate STIE header in FST Setup Request/ResponseJouni Malinen2015-07-261-0/+12
* FST: Fix Session Transition element length field valueJouni Malinen2015-07-261-6/+8
* FST: Fix FST-MANAGER TEST_REQUEST parsingJouni Malinen2015-07-181-0/+21
* FST: Remove unreachable code in fst_session_handle_tear_down()Jouni Malinen2015-07-181-5/+0
* FST: Use EINVAL more consistently as a negative return valueJouni Malinen2015-07-181-15/+15
* FST: Mark get_mb_ie() return value constJouni Malinen2015-07-181-1/+1
* FST: Replace print_mb_ies() with wpa_snprintf_hex()Jouni Malinen2015-07-181-5/+2
* FST: Avoid using pointer to mgmt->u.action.u.fst_actionJouni Malinen2015-07-171-10/+15
* FST: Fix FST Action frame length validationJouni Malinen2015-07-171-7/+38
* FST: Testing supportAnton Nayshtut2015-07-161-0/+285
* FST: Add the Fast Session Transfer (FST) moduleAnton Nayshtut2015-07-161-0/+1274