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* Remove unnecessary SUBDIRS loops from src/*/MakefileJouni Malinen2010-04-171-1/+0
* Remove unnecessary definesJouni Malinen2009-12-052-4/+0
* Remove src/crypto from default include pathJouni Malinen2009-11-291-6/+6
* Remove src/common from default header file pathJouni Malinen2009-11-292-2/+2
* Move RC4 into crypto.h as a replaceable crypto functionJouni Malinen2009-08-161-1/+1
* Remove rc4() wrapperJouni Malinen2009-08-161-2/+2
* Add root .gitignore file to cleanup ignore listsJouni Malinen2009-06-291-1/+0
* Add new wpa_supplicant driver op for setting 802.1X port statusJouni Malinen2009-04-222-0/+31
* Reduce latency on starting WPS negotiation (TX EAPOL-Start earlier)Jouni Malinen2009-02-231-0/+5
* Improved 'make install' (use BINDIR/LIBDIR, install shared objects)Daniel Mierswa2009-02-151-0/+3
* Add an EAPOL payload length workaround for a WPS implementationJouni Malinen2009-01-231-0/+26
* WPS: Moved mac_addr and uuid configuration into wps_contextJouni Malinen2008-11-282-15/+0
* WPS: Moved wps_context initialization into wps_supplicant.cJouni Malinen2008-11-282-23/+4
* WPS: Merged two cred_cb variables into the same oneJouni Malinen2008-11-282-2/+2
* WPS: Moved UUID configuration from phase1 into global config areaJouni Malinen2008-11-262-0/+8
* Added preliminary Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) implementationJouni Malinen2008-11-232-0/+34
* Fixed EAPOL skip for PMKSA caching case to remain in authenticated stateJouni Malinen2008-10-251-0/+2
* Re-initialize hostapd/wpa_supplicant git repository based on 0.6.3 releaseJouni Malinen2008-02-284-0/+2184