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* EAP-TEAP peer: Add support for machine credentials using certificatesJouni Malinen2019-09-011-1/+1
* Replace EapType typedef with enum eap_typeJouni Malinen2019-08-171-4/+4
* EAP-TEAP server and peer implementation (RFC 7170)Jouni Malinen2019-07-091-1/+3
* Add support for an optional context parameter to TLS exporterErvin Oro2019-03-161-1/+2
* EAP-TLS peer: Determine whether TLS v1.3 or newer is usedJouni Malinen2018-05-011-0/+5
* EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS/FAST: Move more towards using struct wpabufJouni Malinen2015-05-031-1/+1
* HS 2.0R2: Add WFA server-only EAP-TLS peer methodJouni Malinen2014-02-251-0/+1
* EAP peer: Add Session-Id derivationStevent Li2013-02-081-0/+3
* Add UNAUTH-TLS vendor specific EAP typeJouni Malinen2012-08-221-0/+3
* Disable TLS Session Ticket extension by default for EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLSJouni Malinen2012-08-171-1/+6
* TLS: Use separate TLS library context for tunneled TLSJouni Malinen2012-04-071-1/+6
* Remove the GPL notification from files contributed by Jouni MalinenJouni Malinen2012-02-111-8/+2
* Remove EAP-TTLSv1 and TLS/IAJouni Malinen2011-09-251-5/+0
* Rename EAP TLS variables to make server and peer code consistentJouni Malinen2009-12-231-2/+2
* Convert TLS wrapper to use struct wpabufJouni Malinen2009-12-201-16/+3
* Re-initialize hostapd/wpa_supplicant git repository based on 0.6.3 releaseJouni Malinen2008-02-281-0/+139