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* gitignore: Remove obsolete mac80211_hwsim entryJouni Malinen2020-10-111-1/+0
* gitignore: Clean up a bitJohannes Berg2020-10-111-28/+0
* build: Put object files into build/ folderJohannes Berg2020-10-101-0/+1
* gitignore: Ignore ctags tags fileYegor Yefremov2020-08-221-0/+1
* gitignore: tests/remote/logsJouni Malinen2017-04-011-0/+1
* gitignore: Add parallel-vm.logJohannes Berg2017-03-071-0/+1
* gitignore static library filesMikael Kanstrup2016-07-231-0/+1
* Add test programs for checking libwpa_client linkingJouni Malinen2015-10-311-0/+2
* Add CONFIG_CODE_COVERAGE=y option for gcovJouni Malinen2013-11-241-0/+3
* gitignore additional build filesJouni Malinen2013-03-291-0/+3
* Add new binaries to .gitignoreJouni Malinen2013-01-131-0/+3
* Move .config to the toplevel .gitignoreJouni Malinen2011-03-151-0/+1
* wlantest: Ignore built files in git statusJouni Malinen2010-11-201-0/+3
* Fix .gitignore files to not ignore subdirectory matchesJouni Malinen2010-10-071-0/+14
* Add root .gitignore file to cleanup ignore listsJouni Malinen2009-06-291-0/+3