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@@ -702,6 +702,13 @@ fast_reauth=1
# an IBSS network with the configured SSID is already present, the frequency of
# the network will be used instead of this configured value.
+# pbss: Whether to use PBSS. Relevant to IEEE 802.11ad networks only.
+# Used together with mode configuration. When mode is AP, it means to start a
+# PCP instead of a regular AP. When mode is infrastructure it means connect
+# to a PCP instead of AP. P2P_GO and P2P_GROUP_FORMATION modes must use PBSS
+# in IEEE 802.11ad network.
+# For more details, see IEEE Std 802.11ad-2012.
# scan_freq: List of frequencies to scan
# Space-separated list of frequencies in MHz to scan when searching for this
# BSS. If the subset of channels used by the network is known, this option can