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@@ -892,6 +892,14 @@ fast_reauth=1
# 1: MACsec enabled - Should secure, accept key server's advice to
# determine whether to use a secure session or not.
+# mka_cak and mka_ckn: IEEE 802.1X/MACsec pre-shared authentication mode
+# This allows to configure MACsec with a pre-shared key using a (CAK,CKN) pair.
+# In this mode, instances of wpa_supplicant can act as peers, one of
+# which will become the key server and start distributing SAKs.
+# mka_cak (CAK = Secure Connectivity Association Key) takes a 16-bytes (128 bit)
+# hex-string (32 hex-digits)
+# mka_ckn (CKN = CAK Name) takes a 32-bytes (256 bit) hex-string (64 hex-digits)
# mixed_cell: This option can be used to configure whether so called mixed
# cells, i.e., networks that use both plaintext and encryption in the same
# SSID, are allowed when selecting a BSS from scan results.