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@@ -653,6 +653,23 @@ fast_reauth=1
# number of authentication servers. Strict EAP conformance mode can be
# configured by disabling workarounds with eap_workaround=0.
+# Station inactivity limit
+# If a station does not send anything in ap_max_inactivity seconds, an
+# empty data frame is sent to it in order to verify whether it is
+# still in range. If this frame is not ACKed, the station will be
+# disassociated and then deauthenticated. This feature is used to
+# clear station table of old entries when the STAs move out of the
+# range.
+# The station can associate again with the AP if it is still in range;
+# this inactivity poll is just used as a nicer way of verifying
+# inactivity; i.e., client will not report broken connection because
+# disassociation frame is not sent immediately without first polling
+# the STA with a data frame.
+# default: 300 (i.e., 5 minutes)
# Example blocks:
# Simple case: WPA-PSK, PSK as an ASCII passphrase, allow all valid ciphers