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configured ca_cert store (e.g., ROOT) (they could be, e.g., in CA store)
-0.6.x branch:
+0.7.x branch:
- clean up common.[ch]
- change TLS/crypto library interface to use a structure of function
pointers and helper inline functions (like driver_ops) instead of
requiring every TLS wrapper to implement all functions
- add support for encrypted configuration fields (e.g., password, psk,
passphrase, pin)
-- wpa_gui: add support for setting and showing priority, auth_alg
- (open/shared for static WEP)
+- wpa_gui: add support for setting and showing priority
- cleanup TLS/PEAP/TTLS/FAST fragmentation: both the handshake and Appl. Data
phases should be able to use the same functions for this;