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@@ -410,7 +410,7 @@ usage:
wpa_supplicant [-BddfhKLqqtuvW] [-P<pid file>] [-g<global ctrl>] \
[-G<group>] \
-i<ifname> -c<config file> [-C<ctrl>] [-D<driver>] [-p<driver_param>] \
- [-b<br_ifname> [-N -i<ifname> -c<conf> [-C<ctrl>] [-D<driver>] \
+ [-b<br_ifname> [-MN -i<ifname> -c<conf> [-C<ctrl>] [-D<driver>] \
[-p<driver_param>] [-b<br_ifname>] [-m<P2P Device config file>] ...
@@ -434,6 +434,7 @@ options:
-u = enable DBus control interface
-v = show version
-W = wait for a control interface monitor before starting
+ -M = start describing matching interface
-N = start describing new interface
-m = Configuration file for the P2P Device
@@ -476,6 +477,22 @@ wpa_supplicant \
-c wpa2.conf -i wlan1 -D wext
+If the interfaces on which wpa_supplicant is to run are not known or do
+not exist, wpa_supplicant can match an interface when it arrives. Each
+matched interface is separated with -M argument and the -i argument now
+allows for pattern matching.
+As an example, the following command would start wpa_supplicant for a
+specific wired interface called lan0, any interface starting with wlan
+and lastly any other interface. Each match has its own configuration
+file, and for the wired interface a specific driver has also been given.
+wpa_supplicant \
+ -M -c wpa_wired.conf -ilan0 -D wired \
+ -M -c wpa1.conf -iwlan* \
+ -M -c wpa2.conf
If the interface is added in a Linux bridge (e.g., br0), the bridge
interface needs to be configured to wpa_supplicant in addition to the
main interface: