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* fixed SHA-256 based key derivation function to match with the
standard when using CCMP (for IEEE 802.11r and IEEE 802.11w)
(note: this breaks interoperability with previous version) [Bug 307]
+ * use shared driver wrapper files with hostapd
+ * added AP mode functionality (CONFIG_AP=y) with mode=2 in the network
+ block; this can be used for open and WPA2-Personal networks
+ (optionally, with WPS); this links in parts of hostapd functionality
+ into wpa_supplicant
+ * wpa_gui-qt4: added new Peers dialog to show information about peers
+ (other devices, including APs and stations, etc. in the neighborhood)
+ * added support for WPS External Registrar functionality (configure APs
+ and enroll new devices); can be used with wpa_gui-qt4 Peers dialog
+ and wpa_cli commands wps_er_start, wps_er_stop, wps_er_pin,
+ wps_er_pbc, wps_er_learn
+ (this can also be used with a new 'none' driver wrapper if no
+ wireless device or IEEE 802.1X on wired is needed)
+ * driver_nl80211: multiple updates to provide support for new Linux
+ nl80211/mac80211 functionality
+ * updated management frame protection to use IEEE Std 802.11w-2009
+ * fixed number of small WPS issues and added workarounds to
+ interoperate with common deployed broken implementations
+ * added support for NFC out-of-band mechanism with WPS
+ * driver_ndis: fixed wired IEEE 802.1X authentication with PAE group
+ address frames
+ * added preliminary support for IEEE 802.11r RIC processing
+ * added support for specifying subset of enabled frequencies to scan
+ (scan_freq option in the network configuration block); this can speed
+ up scanning process considerably if it is known that only a small
+ subset of channels is actually used in the network (this is currently
+ supported only with -Dnl80211)
+ * added a workaround for race condition between receiving the
+ association event and the following EAPOL-Key
+ * added background scan and roaming infrastructure to allow
+ network-specific optimizations to be used to improve roaming within
+ an ESS (same SSID)
+ * added new DBus interface (fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1)
2009-01-06 - v0.6.7
* added support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)