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* fixed SHA-256 based key derivation function to match with the
standard when using CCMP (for IEEE 802.11r and IEEE 802.11w)
(note: this breaks interoperability with previous version) [Bug 307]
+ * added number of code size optimizations to remove unnecessary
+ functionality from the program binary based on build configuration
+ (part of this automatic; part configurable with CONFIG_NO_* build
+ options)
+ * use shared driver wrapper files with wpa_supplicant
+ * driver_nl80211: multiple updates to provide support for new Linux
+ nl80211/mac80211 functionality
+ * updated management frame protection to use IEEE Std 802.11w-2009
+ * fixed number of small WPS issues and added workarounds to
+ interoperate with common deployed broken implementations
+ * added some IEEE 802.11n co-existance rules to disable 40 MHz channels
+ or modify primary/secondary channels if needed based on neighboring
+ networks
+ * added support for NFC out-of-band mechanism with WPS
+ * added preliminary support for IEEE 802.11r RIC processing
2009-01-06 - v0.6.7
* added support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)