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Cleaned up EAPOL-Key timeout processing
dot11RSNAConfigGroupUpdateTimeOut and dot11RSNAConfigPairwiseUpdateTimeOut MIB variables were only used in draft versions of IEEE 802.11i, so rename these in order not to use confusing name here. Replaced EAPOL-Key timeout to use following timeouts (in milliseconds): 100,1000,1000,1000 (this was 1000,1000,1000,0). There is no point in sending out the final EAPOL-Key frame which would be immediately followed by disconnection. After the change to allow response to any pending EAPOL-Key frame, it is fine to send the first retransmission quickly to avoid long wait in cases where Supplicant did not receive the first frame for any reason. The new sequence will still provide 3.1 seconds of time to get any response frame, so this does not reduce the previous time.
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