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OCV: Include and verify OCI in SA Query frames
Include an OCI element in SA Query Request and Response frames if OCV has been negotiated. On Linux, a kernel patch is needed to let clients correctly handle SA Query Requests that contain an OCI element. Without this patch, the kernel will reply to the SA Query Request itself, without verifying the included OCI. Additionally, the SA Query Response sent by the kernel will not include an OCI element. The correct operation of the AP does not require a kernel patch. Without the corresponding kernel patch, SA Query Requests sent by the client are still valid, meaning they do include an OCI element. Note that an AP does not require any kernel patches. In other words, SA Query frames sent and received by the AP are properly handled, even without a kernel patch. As a result, the kernel patch is only required to make the client properly process and respond to a SA Query Request from the AP. Without this patch, the client will send a SA Query Response without an OCI element, causing the AP to silently ignore the response and eventually disconnect the client from the network if OCV has been negotiated to be used. Signed-off-by: Mathy Vanhoef <Mathy.Vanhoef@cs.kuleuven.be>
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