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authorJouni Malinen <j@w1.fi>2014-09-29 20:24:19 (GMT)
committerJouni Malinen <j@w1.fi>2014-09-29 21:40:23 (GMT)
commita313d17de943cbaf12cbf67d666af14791be8ad2 (patch)
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Extend random MAC address support to allow OUI to be kept
mac_addr=2 and preassoc_mac_addr=2 parameters can now be used to configure random MAC address to be generated by maintaining the OUI part of the permanent MAC address (but with locally administered bit set to 1). Other than that, these values result in similar behavior with mac_addr=1 and preassoc_mac_addr=1, respectively. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <j@w1.fi>
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diff --git a/wpa_supplicant/config_ssid.h b/wpa_supplicant/config_ssid.h
index b5dbf6e..f50b2d4 100644
--- a/wpa_supplicant/config_ssid.h
+++ b/wpa_supplicant/config_ssid.h
@@ -659,6 +659,7 @@ struct wpa_ssid {
* 0 = use permanent MAC address
* 1 = use random MAC address for each ESS connection
+ * 2 = like 1, but maintain OUI (with local admin bit set)
* Internally, special value -1 is used to indicate that the parameter
* was not specified in the configuration (i.e., default behavior is