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@@ -383,7 +383,7 @@ cp wpa_cli wpa_supplicant /usr/local/bin
You will need to make a configuration file, e.g.,
/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf, with network configuration for the networks
you are going to use. Configuration file section below includes
-explanation fo the configuration file format and includes various
+explanation of the configuration file format and includes various
examples. Once the configuration is ready, you can test whether the
configuration work by first running wpa_supplicant with following
command to start it on foreground with debugging enabled:
@@ -778,7 +778,7 @@ wpa_cli commands
disconnect = disconnect and wait for reassociate command before connecting
scan = request new BSS scan
scan_results = get latest scan results
- get_capability <eap/pairwise/group/key_mgmt/proto/auth_alg> = get capabilies
+ get_capability <eap/pairwise/group/key_mgmt/proto/auth_alg> = get capabilities
terminate = terminate wpa_supplicant
quit = exit wpa_cli