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WPS: Document NFC use cases with password/config token
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+Following parameter can be used to enable support for NFC config method:
WPS needs the Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID; see RFC 4122) for
the device. This is configured in the runtime configuration for
@@ -303,3 +307,41 @@ WPS-ER-AP-SETTINGS
- WPS ER learned AP settings
WPS-ER-AP-SETTINGS uuid=fd91b4ec-e3fa-5891-a57d-8c59efeed1d2 ssid=test-wps auth_type=0x0020 encr_type=0x0008 key=12345678
+WPS with NFC
+WPS can be used with NFC-based configuration method. An NFC tag
+containing a password token from the Enrollee can be used to
+authenticate the connection instead of the PIN. In addition, an NFC tag
+with a configuration token can be used to transfer AP settings without
+going through the WPS protocol.
+When the station acts as an Enrollee, a local NFC tag with a password
+token can be used by touching the NFC interface of a Registrar.
+"wps_nfc [BSSID]" command starts WPS protocol run with the local end as
+the Enrollee using the NFC password token that is either pre-configured
+in the configuration file (wps_nfc_dev_pw_id, wps_nfc_dh_pubkey,
+wps_nfc_dh_privkey, wps_nfc_dev_pw) or generated dynamically with
+"wps_nfc_token <WPS|NDEF>" command. The included nfc_pw_token tool
+(build with "make nfc_pw_token") can be used to generate NFC password
+tokens during manufacturing (each station needs to have its own random
+If the station includes NFC interface and reads an NFC tag with a MIME
+media type "application/vnd.wfa.wsc", the NDEF message payload (with or
+without NDEF encapsulation) can be delivered to wpa_supplicant using the
+following wpa_cli command:
+wps_nfc_tag_read <hexdump of payload>
+If the NFC tag contains a configuration token, the network is added to
+wpa_supplicant configuration. If the NFC tag contains a password token,
+the token is added to the WPS Registrar component. This information can
+then be used with wps_reg command (when the NFC password token was from
+an AP) using a special value "nfc-pw" in place of the PIN parameter. If
+the ER functionality has been started (wps_er_start), the NFC password
+token is used to enable enrollment of a new station (that was the source
+of the NFC password token).