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P2P: Add optional op_class argument to P2P_SET listen_channel
The existing implementation in p2p_ctrl_set used a hard-coded operating class 81 which is only suitable for the social channels in the 2.4 GHz band, and will not work for the social channel in the 60 GHz band. Extend this by adding an optional op_class argument to P2P_SET listen_channel. If not specified, use the default value of 81 to match existing behavior. Signed-off-by: Lior David <qca_liord@qca.qualcomm.com>
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@@ -640,12 +640,17 @@ p2p_set managed <0/1>
Disable/enable managed P2P Device operations. This is disabled by
-p2p_set listen_channel <1/6/11>
+p2p_set listen_channel <channel> [<op_class>]
Set P2P Listen channel. This is mainly meant for testing purposes and
changing the Listen channel during normal operations can result in
protocol failures.
+When specifying a social channel on the 2.4 GHz band (1/6/11) there is
+no need to specify the operating class since it defaults to 81. When
+specifying a social channel on the 60 GHz band (2), specify the 60 GHz
+operating class (180).
p2p_set ssid_postfix <postfix>
Set postfix string to be added to the automatically generated P2P SSID