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Update ChangeLog files for v2.6
This adds a summary of new changes since the last update. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <j@w1.fi>
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@@ -23,8 +23,20 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
- fix PMKID derivation
- improve robustness on various exchanges
- fix peer link counting in reconnect case
+ - improve mesh joining behavior
+ - allow DTIM period to be configured
+ - allow HT to be disabled (disable_ht=1)
- add support for PMKSA caching
+ - add minimal support for SAE group negotiation
+ - allow pairwise/group cipher to be configured in the network profile
+ - use ieee80211w profile parameter to enable/disable PMF and derive
+ a separate TX IGTK if PMF is enabled instead of using MGTK
+ incorrectly
+ - fix AEK and MTK derivation
+ - remove GTKdata and IGTKdata from Mesh Peering Confirm/Close
+ - note: these changes are not fully backwards compatible for secure
+ (RSN) mesh network
* fixed PMKID derivation with SAE
* added support for requesting and fetching arbitrary ANQP-elements
without internal support in wpa_supplicant for the specific element
@@ -69,7 +81,7 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
* extended INTERFACE_ADD command to allow certain type (sta/ap)
interface to be created
* fixed and improved various FST operations
- * added 80+80 MHz VHT support for IBSS/mesh
+ * added 80+80 MHz and 160 MHz VHT support for IBSS/mesh
* fixed SIGNAL_POLL in IBSS and mesh cases
* added an option to abort an ongoing scan (used to speed up connection
and can also be done with the new ABORT_SCAN command)
@@ -104,7 +116,7 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
* enabled ACS support for AP mode operations with wpa_supplicant
* EAP-PEAP: fixed interoperability issue with Windows 2012r2 server
("Invalid Compound_MAC in cryptobinding TLV")
- * EAP-TTLS; fixed success after fragmented final Phase 2 message
+ * EAP-TTLS: fixed success after fragmented final Phase 2 message
* VHT: added interoperability workaround for 80+80 and 160 MHz channels
* WNM: workaround for broken AP operating class behavior
* added kqueue(2) support for eloop (CONFIG_ELOOP_KQUEUE)
@@ -112,6 +124,8 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
- add support for full station state operations
- do not add NL80211_ATTR_SMPS_MODE attribute if HT is disabled
- add NL80211_ATTR_PREV_BSSID with Connect command
+ - fix IEEE 802.1X/WEP EAP reauthentication and rekeying to use
+ unencrypted EAPOL frames
* added initial MBO support; number of extensions to WNM BSS Transition
* added support for PBSS/PCP and P2P on 60 GHz
@@ -123,6 +137,11 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
* started to ignore pmf=1/2 parameter for non-RSN networks
* added wps_disabled=1 network profile parameter to allow AP mode to
be started without enabling WPS
+ * wpa_cli: added action script support for AP-ENABLED and AP-DISABLED
+ events
+ * improved Public Action frame addressing
+ - add gas_address3 configuration parameter to control Address 3
+ behavior
* number of small fixes
2015-09-27 - v2.5