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ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
-????-??-?? - v2.1
- * added support for simulataneous authentication of equals (SAE) for
+2014-02-04 - v2.1
+ * added support for simultaneous authentication of equals (SAE) for
stronger password-based authentication with WPA2-Personal
+ * improved P2P negotiation and group formation robustness
+ - avoid unnecessary Dialog Token value changes during retries
+ - avoid more concurrent scanning cases during full group formation
+ sequence
+ - do not use potentially obsolete scan result data from driver
+ cache for peer discovery/updates
+ - avoid undesired re-starting of GO negotiation based on Probe
+ Request frames
+ - increase GO Negotiation and Invitation timeouts to address busy
+ environments and peers that take long time to react to messages,
+ e.g., due to power saving
+ - P2P Device interface type
+ * improved P2P channel selection (use more peer information and allow
+ more local options)
+ * added support for optional per-device PSK assignment by P2P GO
+ (wpa_cli p2p_set per_sta_psk <0/1>)
+ * added P2P_REMOVE_CLIENT for removing a client from P2P groups
+ (including persistent groups); this can be used to securely remove
+ a client from a group if per-device PSKs are used
+ * added more configuration flexibility for allowed P2P GO/client
+ channels (p2p_no_go_freq list and p2p_add_cli_chan=0/1)
+ * added nl80211 functionality
+ - VHT configuration for nl80211
+ - MFP (IEEE 802.11w) information for nl80211 command API
+ - support split wiphy dump
+ - FT (IEEE 802.11r) with driver-based SME
+ - use advertised number of supported concurrent channels
+ - QoS Mapping configuration
+ * improved TDLS negotiation robustness
+ * added more TDLS peer parameters to be configured to the driver
+ * optimized connection time by allowing recently received scan results
+ to be used instead of having to run through a new scan
+ * fixed ctrl_iface BSS command iteration with RANGE argument and no
+ exact matches; also fixed argument parsing for some cases with
+ multiple arguments
+ * added 'SCAN TYPE=ONLY' ctrl_iface command to request manual scan
+ without executing roaming/network re-selection on scan results
+ * added Session-Id derivation for EAP peer methods
+ * added fully automated regression testing with mac80211_hwsim
+ * changed configuration parser to reject invalid integer values
+ * allow AP/Enrollee to be specified with BSSID instead of UUID for
+ WPS ER operations
+ * disable network block temporarily on repeated connection failures
+ * changed the default driver interface from wext to nl80211 if both are
+ included in the build
+ * remove duplicate networks if WPS provisioning is run multiple times
+ * remove duplicate networks when Interworking network selection uses the
+ same network
+ * added global freq_list configuration to allow scan frequencies to be
+ limited for all cases instead of just for a specific network block
+ * added support for BSS Transition Management
+ * added option to use "IFNAME=<ifname> " prefix to use the global
+ control interface connection to perform per-interface commands;
+ similarly, allow global control interface to be used as a monitor
+ interface to receive events from all interfaces
+ * fixed OKC-based PMKSA cache entry clearing
+ * fixed TKIP group key configuration with FT
+ * added support for using OCSP stapling to validate server certificate
+ (ocsp=1 as optional and ocsp=2 as mandatory)
+ * added EAP-EKE peer
+ * added peer restart detection for IBSS RSN
+ * added domain_suffix_match (and domain_suffix_match2 for Phase 2
+ EAP-TLS) to specify additional constraint for the server certificate
+ domain name
+ * added support for external SIM/USIM processing in EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA,
+ and EAP-AKA' (CTRL-REQ-SIM and CTRL-RSP-SIM commands over control
+ interface)
+ * added global bgscan configuration option as a default for all network
+ blocks that do not specify their own bgscan parameters
+ * added D-Bus methods for TDLS
+ * added more control to scan requests
+ - "SCAN freq=<freq list>" can be used to specify which channels are
+ scanned (comma-separated frequency ranges in MHz)
+ - "SCAN passive=1" can be used to request a passive scan (no Probe
+ Request frames are sent)
+ - "SCAN use_id" can be used to request a scan id to be returned and
+ included in event messages related to this specific scan operation
+ - "SCAN only_new=1" can be used to request the driver/cfg80211 to
+ report only BSS entries that have been updated during this scan
+ round
+ - these optional arguments to the SCAN command can be combined with
+ each other
+ * modified behavior on externally triggered scans
+ - avoid concurrent operations requiring full control of the radio when
+ an externally triggered scan is detected
+ - do not use results for internal roaming decision
+ * added a new cred block parameter 'temporary' to allow credential
+ blocks to be stored separately even if wpa_supplicant configuration
+ file is used to maintain other network information
+ * added "radio work" framework to schedule exclusive radio operations
+ for off-channel functionality
+ - reduce issues with concurrent operations that try to control which
+ channel is used
+ - allow external programs to request exclusive radio control in a way
+ that avoids conflicts with wpa_supplicant
+ * added support for using Protected Dual of Public Action frames for
+ GAS/ANQP exchanges when associated with PMF
+ * added support for WPS+NFC updates and P2P+NFC
+ - improved protocol for WPS
+ - P2P group formation/join based on NFC connection handover
+ - new IPv4 address assignment for P2P groups (ip_addr_* configuration
+ parameters on the GO) to replace DHCP
+ - option to fetch and report alternative carrier records for external
+ NFC operations
+ * various bug fixes
2013-01-12 - v2.0
* removed Qt3-based wpa_gui (obsoleted by wpa_qui-qt4)