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credential match with ANQP information
* limited PMKSA cache entries to be used only with the network context
that was used to create them
+ * improved PMKSA cache expiration to avoid unnecessary disconnections
* adjusted bgscan_simple fast-scan backoff to avoid too frequent
background scans
* removed ctrl_iface event on P2P PD Response in join-group case
@@ -149,6 +150,7 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
* added initial support for WNM operations
- Keep-alive based on BSS max idle period
- WNM-Sleep Mode
+ - minimal BSS Transition Management processing
* added autoscan module to control scanning behavior while not connected
- autoscan_periodic and autoscan_exponential modules
* added new WPS NFC ctrl_iface mechanism
@@ -223,6 +225,10 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
* added a workaround for WPS PBC session overlap detection to avoid
interop issues with deployed station implementations that do not
remove active PBC indication from Probe Request frames properly
+ * added basic support for 60 GHz band
+ * extend EAPOL frames processing workaround for roaming cases
+ (postpone processing of unexpected EAPOL frame until association
+ event to handle reordered events)
2012-05-10 - v1.0
* bsd: Add support for setting HT values in IFM_MMASK.