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OWE: Skip beacon update of transition BSS if it is not yet enabled
When a single hostapd process manages both the OWE and open BSS for transition mode, owe_transition_ifname can be used to clone the transition mode information (i.e., BSSID/SSID) automatically. When both BSSs use ACS, the completion of ACS on the 1st BSS sets state to HAPD_IFACE_ENABLED and the OWE transition mode information is updated for all the other BSSs. However, the 2nd BSS is still in the ACS phase and the beacon update messes up the state for AP startup and prevents proper ACS competion. If 2nd BSS is not yet enabled (e.g., in ACS), skip beacon update and defer OWE transition information cloning until the BSS is enabled. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <jouni@codeaurora.org>
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