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P2P: Pick a 5 GHz channel from more possible channelsHEADmaster
For an autonomous P2P group on the 5 GHz band, a channel was picked only from the operating class 115 which is not available in the EU region anymore. As a result, an autonomous group creation would always fail in this generic 5 GHz channel case. There are more possible available channels for the 5 GHz currently. Especially in the EU region, the operating class 115 channels are no longer available, but SRD channels (the operating class 124) are available. Allow them to be used here if they are marked as allowed for P2P GO use. In addition, iterate through all the potential options instead of just checking the first randomly picked channel. Start this iteration from random position to maintain some randomness in this process. Signed-off-by: Jimmy Chen <jimmycmchen@google.com>
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