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authorSunil Dutt <usdutt@codeaurora.org>2019-01-08 12:21:23 (GMT)
committerJouni Malinen <j@w1.fi>2019-01-12 10:39:36 (GMT)
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Clarify documentation of avoid channels expectations
The vendor command QCA_NL80211_VENDOR_SUBCMD_AVOID_FREQUENCY was defined to carry the list of avoid frequencies that aim to avoid any interference with other coexistencies. This recommendation was followed strictly by trying to prevent WLAN traffic on the impacted channels. This commit refines the expectation of the interface by defining this avoid channel list to allow minimal traffic but not heavier one. For example, P2P may still be able to use avoid list frequencies for P2P discovery and GO negotiation if the actual group can be set up on a not impact channel. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <jouni@codeaurora.org>
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diff --git a/src/common/qca-vendor.h b/src/common/qca-vendor.h
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--- a/src/common/qca-vendor.h
+++ b/src/common/qca-vendor.h
@@ -42,8 +42,12 @@ enum qca_radiotap_vendor_ids {
* @QCA_NL80211_VENDOR_SUBCMD_AVOID_FREQUENCY: Recommendation of frequency
* ranges to avoid to reduce issues due to interference or internal
- * co-existence information in the driver. The event data structure is
- * defined in struct qca_avoid_freq_list.
+ * co-existence information in the driver. These frequencies aim to
+ * minimize the traffic but not to totally avoid the traffic. That said
+ * for a P2P use case, these frequencies are allowed for the P2P
+ * discovery/negotiation but avoid the group to get formed on these
+ * frequencies. The event data structure is defined in
+ * struct qca_avoid_freq_list.
* @QCA_NL80211_VENDOR_SUBCMD_DFS_CAPABILITY: Command to check driver support
* for DFS offloading.