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Preparations for 0.7.2 release
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ChangeLog for hostapd
+2010-04-18 - v0.7.2
+ * fix WPS internal Registrar use when an external Registrar is also
+ active
+ * bsd: Cleaned up driver wrapper and added various low-level
+ configuration options
+ * TNC: fixed issues with fragmentation
+ * EAP-TNC: add Flags field into fragment acknowledgement (needed to
+ interoperate with other implementations; may potentially breaks
+ compatibility with older wpa_supplicant/hostapd versions)
+ * cleaned up driver wrapper API for multi-BSS operations
+ * nl80211: fix multi-BSS and VLAN operations
+ * fix number of issues with IEEE 802.11r/FT; this version is not
+ backwards compatible with old versions
+ * add SA Query Request processing in AP mode (IEEE 802.11w)
+ * fix IGTK PN in group rekeying (IEEE 802.11w)
+ * fix WPS PBC session overlap detection to use correct attribute
+ * hostapd_notif_Assoc() can now be called with all IEs to simplify
+ driver wrappers
+ * work around interoperability issue with some WPS External Registrar
+ implementations
+ * nl80211: fix WPS IE update
+ * hostapd_cli: add support for action script operations (run a script
+ on hostapd events)
+ * fix DH padding with internal crypto code (mainly, for WPS)
+ * fix WPS association with both WPS IE and WPA/RSN IE present with
+ driver wrappers that use hostapd MLME (e.g., nl80211)
2010-01-16 - v0.7.1
* cleaned up driver wrapper API (struct wpa_driver_ops); the new API
is not fully backwards compatible, so out-of-tree driver wrappers