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Update ChangeLog files for v2.3
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ChangeLog for hostapd
+2014-10-09 - v2.3
+ * fixed number of minor issues identified in static analyzer warnings
+ * fixed DFS and channel switch operation for multi-BSS cases
+ * started to use constant time comparison for various password and hash
+ values to reduce possibility of any externally measurable timing
+ differences
+ * extended explicit clearing of freed memory and expired keys to avoid
+ keeping private data in memory longer than necessary
+ * added support for number of new RADIUS attributes from RFC 7268
+ (Mobility-Domain-Id, WLAN-HESSID, WLAN-Pairwise-Cipher,
+ WLAN-Group-Cipher, WLAN-AKM-Suite, WLAN-Group-Mgmt-Pairwise-Cipher)
+ * fixed GET_CONFIG wpa_pairwise_cipher value
+ * added code to clear bridge FDB entry on station disconnection
+ * fixed PMKSA cache timeout from Session-Timeout for WPA/WPA2 cases
+ * fixed OKC PMKSA cache entry fetch to avoid a possible infinite loop
+ in case the first entry does not match
+ * fixed hostapd_cli action script execution to use more robust mechanism
+ (CVE-2014-3686)
2014-06-04 - v2.2
* fixed SAE confirm-before-commit validation to avoid a potential
segmentation fault in an unexpected message sequence that could be