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Remove obsolete Prism54.org driver support (driver_prism54.c)
The Prism54.org project seems have been dead for a while and it does not look like this driver would ever be maintained again. Furthermore, it is difficult to find a version that would work with the driver_prism54.c wrapper and there is another driver for these card in the Linux kernel tree. The hostapd integration in driver_prism54.c is quite different from the other driver wrappers and would require major effort to get it cleaned up. Since there does not seem to be any real users for the cleaned up version, there does not seem to be justification to spend this effort on the wrapper. This old code is making it much more difficult to clean up the driver interface and at this point, the best option seems to be to remove the driver wrappers. Should someone really still need this, the old code will continue to be available in hostapd 0.6.x.
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.B hostapd
is a user space daemon for access point and authentication servers.
It implements IEEE 802.11 access point management, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticators and RADIUS authentication server.
-The current version supports Linux (Host AP, madwifi, Prism54 drivers) and FreeBSD (net80211).
+The current version supports Linux (Host AP, madwifi, mac80211-based drivers) and FreeBSD (net80211).
.B hostapd
is designed to be a "daemon" program that runs in the background and acts as the backend component controlling authentication.