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WPS: Added support for wildcard PINs that work with any UUID-E
Since the Registrar may not yet know the UUID-E when a new PIN is entered, use of a wildcard PIN that works with any UUID-E can be useful. Such a PIN will be bound to the first Enrollee trying to use it and it will be invalidated after the first use.
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@@ -154,6 +154,12 @@ Example command to add a PIN (12345670) for an Enrollee:
hostapd_cli wps_pin 53b63a98-d29e-4457-a2ed-094d7e6a669c 12345670
+If the UUID-E is not available (e.g., Enrollee waits for the Registrar
+to be selected before connecting), wildcard UUID may be used to allow the PIN to be used once with any UUID:
+hostapd_cli wps_pin any 12345670
After this, the Enrollee can connect to the AP again and complete WPS
negotiation. At that point, a new, random WPA PSK is generated for the
client device and the client can then use that key to connect to the