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WPS: Add support for external Registrars using UPnP transport
This adds mostly feature complete external Registrar support with the main missing part being proper support for multiple external Registrars working at the same time and processing of concurrent registrations when using an external Registrar. This code is based on Sony/Saice implementation (https://www.saice-wpsnfc.bz/) and the changes made by Ted Merrill (Atheros) to make it more suitable for hostapd design and embedded systems. Some of the UPnP code is based on Intel's libupnp. Copyrights and licensing are explained in src/wps/wps_upnp.c in more detail.
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* increased hostapd_cli ping interval to 5 seconds and made this
configurable with a new command line options (-G<seconds>)
* driver_nl80211: use Linux socket filter to improve performance
+ * added support for external Registrars with WPS (UPnP transport)
2009-01-06 - v0.6.7
* added support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)