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Fixed retransmission of EAP requests if no response is received
It looks like this never survived the move from IEEE 802.1X-2001 to IEEE 802.1X-2004 and EAP state machine (RFC 4137). The retransmission scheduling and control is now in EAP authenticator and the calculateTimeout() producedure is used to determine timeout for retransmission (either dynamic backoff or value from EAP method hint). The recommended calculations based on SRTT and RTTVAR (RFC 2988) are not yet implemented since there is no round-trip time measurement available yet. This should make EAP authentication much more robust in environments where initial packets are lost for any reason. If the EAP method does not provide a hint on timeout, default schedule of 3, 6, 12, 20, 20, 20, ... seconds will be used.
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* added support for using driver_test over UDP socket
* changed EAP-GPSK to use the IANA assigned EAP method type 51
* updated management frame protection to use IEEE 802.11w/D7.0
+ * fixed retransmission of EAP requests if no response is received
2008-11-23 - v0.6.6
* added a new configuration option, wpa_ptk_rekey, that can be used to