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* Merged EAP-AKA' into eap_aka.c and added it to defconfig/ChangeLogJouni Malinen2008-12-072-2/+4
* 0.5.11 releaseJouni Malinen2008-11-285-13/+14
* Preparations for 0.6.6 releaseJouni Malinen2008-11-234-11/+12
* Preparations for 0.6.5 releasehostap_0_6_5Jouni Malinen2008-11-014-11/+12
* Preparations for 0.6.4 releasehostap_0_6_4Jouni Malinen2008-08-104-11/+12
* Example configuration for EAP-TLS authentication using PKCS#11 TPM tokenJouni Malinen2008-05-231-1/+7
* TNC: Added TNC server support into documentation and ChangeLogsJouni Malinen2008-03-091-2/+3
* Preparations for 0.4.11 releaseJouni Malinen2008-02-284-12/+13
* Re-initialize hostapd/wpa_supplicant git repository based on 0.6.3 releaseJouni Malinen2008-02-2822-0/+2222