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* Removed sparse destinations since "CC=cgcc make" works fineJouni Malinen2009-01-031-6/+0
* Create all doxygen docs from root directory to get proper path namesJouni Malinen2009-01-031-3/+3
* NEED_BASE64 for WPSAndriy Tkachuk2008-12-261-0/+1
* Added libnl 2.0 compatibility code (CONFIG_LIBNL20=y in .config needed)Jouni Malinen2008-12-081-0/+4
* Merged EAP-AKA' into eap_aka.c and added it to defconfig/ChangeLogJouni Malinen2008-12-071-2/+0
* Add a starting point for EAP-AKA' (draft-arkko-eap-aka-kdf-10)Jouni Malinen2008-12-021-0/+6
* WPS: Split wps_common.c into partsJouni Malinen2008-11-291-0/+3
* Added preliminary Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) implementationJouni Malinen2008-11-231-0/+15
* Removed partial IEEE 802.11h implementationJouni Malinen2008-11-211-1/+1
* reconfig.c file was not used at all, so remove it.Jouni Malinen2008-11-211-1/+1
* Fixed hostapd build without l2_packet (e.g., RADIUS server only).Jouni Malinen2008-11-211-0/+2
* Moved ieee802_11_parse_elems() into common codeJouni Malinen2008-10-291-0/+1
* Added a new driver wrapper, "none", for RADIUS server only configurationJouni Malinen2008-10-011-0/+5
* Add preliminary IEEE 802.11n support into hostapdJouni Malinen2008-08-211-0/+4
* EAP-PEAP: Moved the common peap_prfplus() function into a shared fileJouni Malinen2008-06-091-0/+1
* EAP-PEAP: Moved EAP-TLV processing into eap_peap.cJouni Malinen2008-03-181-6/+0
* Support for RADIUS ACLs with drivers that do not use hostapd MLMEChris Zimmermann2008-03-121-0/+4
* TNC: Added preliminary TNC implementation for hostapdJouni Malinen2008-03-091-0/+7
* EAP-FAST: Added shared helper functions for building TLVsJouni Malinen2008-02-281-0/+1
* Re-initialize hostapd/wpa_supplicant git repository based on 0.6.3 releaseJouni Malinen2008-02-281-0/+534