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Add configuration option for enabling optional use of short preamble
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@@ -159,6 +159,17 @@ fragm_threshold=2346
#basic_rates=10 20 55 110
#basic_rates=60 120 240
+# Short Preamble
+# This parameter can be used to enable optional use of short preamble for
+# frames sent at 2 Mbps, 5.5 Mbps, and 11 Mbps to improve network performance.
+# This applies only to IEEE 802.11b-compatible networks and this should only be
+# enabled if the local hardware supports use of short preamble. If any of the
+# associated STAs do not support short preamble, use of short preamble will be
+# disabled (and enabled when such STAs disassociate) dynamically.
+# 0 = do not allow use of short preamble (default)
+# 1 = allow use of short preamble
# Station MAC address -based authentication
# Please note that this kind of access control requires a driver that uses
# hostapd to take care of management frame processing and as such, this can be